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About Our Jewelry Cleaner

How we started:

Asteria Lab Inc. began in my parent's basement in 1995.  After looking for ways to ease into retirement after a very successful career as business owners, my parents saw a couple selling jewelry cleaner at at local home show and inquired about their product.   My father spent several months studying the industry an working trade shows.   He soon realized he could create a much more professional atmosphere in the trade show industry and could create a better performing product with his business background and connections.   He immediately hired chemists to create our ever-so-popular jewelry cleaner and he and my sister designed our U.S. and Canadian Patented Jem Jar for cleaning jewelry, which the company was built around.  

With the use our uniquely designed patented Jem Jar and our Asteria Jewelry Polish / Tarnish Remover you jewelry will look sensational!

All of our products are locally made in Louisville, KY.

Asteria Professional Jewelry Care Products are exclusively sold at various venues such as home shows, women's shows, Christmas Shows, State Fairs, nail salon, jewelry stores, beauty stores and online.

I would like to thank both of my dearly missed and loved parents, Carl and Jo Black.  My mother for being so kind, loving and supportive and my father for giving me guidance and being the entrepreneur he was.

We are celebrating our 24th Anniversary this year!

Almost everyone has at least one piece of jewelry that they cherish, either it be an engagement ring, anniversary gift, class ring, a gift from a close friend or a family heirloom.  Jewelry items are representations of love, family and heritage and these special items are always most appreciated when they are sparkling clean!  With the use of Asteria Professional Jewelry Care Products these special pieces will continue to sparkle and shine for generations to come!

Michael Black


Asteria Labs Inc.